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Create a fun and unique birthday message for your cousin. Here are some of the best cousin birthday messages to say ‘Happy Birthday, Cousin!’

Cousins may not be a sibling, but he or she is a family member that can be close to your heart—many of us, have best friends who are our cousins. Cousins are the nearest people whom we can share our thoughts, feelings, listen to, cry, and laugh. To share a bond that’s blood and have a strong friendship, it makes being cousins essential in our lives.

On your cousin’s birthday, make sure they feel the love on their special day. Sending a birthday message will make a significant impact on the life of your cousin. It is the best chance to express how you feel, how you value your cousin, and how important your cousin is in your life.

Happy Birthday Cousin! 65 Best Birthday Messages For Your Cuz

Below are the top choices of birthday messages for cousins. Choose what best suits your cousin’s personality to make his or her birthday memorable.

Happy Birthday Cousin! 65 Best Birthday Messages and wishes For Your Cuz

Birthday Messages For Your Male Cousin

  • You are always like a brother to me. I want to wish you all the best and blessings in your Birthday
  • Do you recall those days when we were still young playing ball? Today, as we’re not adults, those are memories that I never forget about you. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • I want to celebrate the beautiful person in my life, my cousin and friend. Happy Birthday!
  • Of all my male cousins, you are simply the best. Happy Birthday!
  • I am so happy that until now, we keep sharing all the good times and beautiful experiences. Happy Birthday, cuz!
  • Bro! as you keep celebrating your Birthday, you don’t get older, but you keep becoming handsome. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Thank you for being an (almost) brother to me. Happy Birthday and I wish you good health and blessings, cousin!
  • You never fail to help and support me in times of trouble, my cousin. Thank you and Happy Birthday!
  • I will always treasure the times we have in our adventures and our lives. You are my partner in crime. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • I am so blessed to have a cousin who is always ready to be  on my side. Thank you, and Happy Birthday.
  • You show much potential in life and have much to offer in this world. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • I wish you all the success and achieve your goals in your life. I believe that your will will help you get that taste of success. Happy Birthday, cuz!
  • I always believe that the most valuable things in life are those that show up in the most unlikely and unexpected situations, like you, my cousin. Happy Birthday
  • Thank you for being there when I need your support. Happy Birthday, cousin
  • Happy Birthday to my Robin, indeed and loving you always—Batman!
  • I want to let you know that I always look up to you. I admire how you get things done. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Be happy and joyful on this special day because you deserve it! Happy Birthday
  • As we get older, let us not forget the memories we got in our crazy family. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • I am so blessed to have you as my cousin. I don’t have a brother, and there you are, you stand in to be one for me. Thank you and Happy Birthday
  • I admire your character and attitude in facing life challenges, cousin. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Cousin! 65 Best Birthday Messages and wishes For Your Cuz

Birthday Wishes For Your Female Cousin

  • Today marks the special day of the person who came to my life and becomes a cousin/sister. I am so happy at how God blessed you. Be happy and joyful always. Happy Birthday
  • Sissy, We’ve overcome the worst and best experiences in life. The good thing about it is we both manage to jump over the hurdles. Happy Birthday, cousin
  • You are not only my cousin but a best friend. I wish you all happiness to your family, friends, and siblings. We always have your back, cousin. Happy Birthday
  • I am so glad that God is good that He fulfills all the wishes that are good for you. Happy Birthday, Cousin!
  • Time flies, and we still remember the memories we had. I am so happy that I get to share those memories with you. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Every day I watch how you deal with hard situations and I love how you remain so calm despite the stress. I wish I had your resilience. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • I pray and wish you a phenomenal day, my cousin! Be joyful in this special day.
  • We never stop sharing amazing memories. I am always looking forward to more moments with you, and I am excited about this year. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Do you know how hard to have a pretty cousin/ sister? It takes a lot of responsibility to convince those guys around to stay away. Happy Birthday, Cousin!
  • I consider you as a gift to me. I am so thankful to be part of your life. Happy Birthday.
  • Thank you for giving me words of motivation that encourages me to be more confident. Today, on your birthday, it is my prayer that you will have more blessings to come. Happy Birthday, Cousin
  • This day is not ordinary, and we are celebrating a birthday to the most inspiring person. Happy Birthday!
  • My sister is jealous because of I spend more time with you. Anyway, that’s okay. Happy Birthday!
  • We are always connected through our thoughts. We are indeed one in blood. Happy Birthday.
  • My heart will always be empty without you. Happy Birthday to my beautiful cousin.

Happy Birthday Cuz! 65 Best Birthday Messages and wishes For Your Cousin

Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Cousin

  • On your birthday, I pray you get all the blessings in this world—fun, love, romance, peace, and friendship.
    Also, I thank Facebook for letting me know it’s your Birthday.
  • Always remember that you only get young once, but you can always be immature for a lifetime. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • You are a unique person that I am truly inspired, and even Google could not find a person like you as I do. Happy Birthday, Cousin
  • Happy Birthday to the 2nd best cousin in the family!.
  • One week before this particular day, I spent sleepless nights to search the best words to tell you Happy Birthday. I decided to say… Happy Birthday
  • Always remember that this date is giving you one step closer to receiving your second citizenship—Senior Citizen. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • If only your Birthday is declared as a National holiday, I will be honored to take vacation for it. Since it’s not, all you get is this text message,  Happy Birthday cousin!
  • I guess Facebook has already said all the wishes you need. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Don’t worry so much about age because the more you add numbers, the smarter you become. Happy Birthday
  • Another wrinkle is added. Happy Birthday, cousin!

Birthday Wishes For Your Beautiful Cousin

  • Wishing you a day that is as beautiful as you are, happy birthday cousin!
  • Never dwell on the dullness of the past, press on for the bright future. Happy Birthday, Cousin
  • In my loneliness and tearful moments, you are there. Today, I want to thank you for asking more of God’s blessings for you. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Every day you face the challenges in life. Remember to call the creator above. Happy Birthday
  • As you get older, you appreciate things in your childhood. As I appreciate my memories of you in the family, Happy Birthday cousin.
  • Always remember that there is time for everything. Cherish every year and be thankful. Happy Birthday, my beautiful cousin.
  • I may not get to see you often, but you know how I’m always here for you. I am delighted about what is happening with you in your life. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • When you were little, I cared for you. I am so proud of seeing you how successful you are today in the life you chose. Happy Birthday
  • My wish for your birthday is all happiness and blessings. I pray that you have a spectacular birthday, cousin.
  • Birthdays will come in one day and go. But family is always there forever. Happy Birthday, my cousin!
  • Our childhood memories are priceless. Until today, I consider you are the greatest gift for me. I am so thankful to have you as my cousin and best friend. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Cousin! 65 Best Birthday Messages , texts, and wishes For Your Cuz

Best Happy Birthday Cousin Messages And Wishes

  • Always remember that God will never cease to listen and bless you the best things for you. Happy Birthday
  • I wish that there are blessings to you, your friends, family, and in your work. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Every Birthday you have, it is a sign of celebration of life. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Let us celebrate and thank God for this another year He gave you. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Every Birthday you have, put in mind and heart that the Lord has plans for you that will make you prosperous and successful
  • The people around you are thankful to have you in their lives. For me, I am the luckiest because I am your best friend and cousin. Happy Birthday
  • I wish you joy, love, and happiness. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • The world may not always be right, but one thing I assure you, we are family, and we never give up on each other. Happy Birthday, cousin!
  • Delight yourself to the Lord, and surely He will give you the wishes of your heart. Happy Birthday cousin!.

Cousins are not a mere family extension, and they are important to have as support in our lives. In fun, laughter, tears, and problems, cousins can be the best people to go to when you need the best support. Wish them a special message on their birthday. 


Happy Birthday Cousin! Best Cousin Birthday Messages And Wishes