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Looking for pregnancy announcement wording ideas? Check out these pregnancy quotes and templates to use to announce your new bundle of joy.

The most exciting and thrilling experience is when you see the positive pregnancy test. Likely, you want to tell the whole world that you are expecting a new blessing. Or perhaps, you’re looking for a special pregnancy quote for a specific member of your family at a time. 

Making a pregnancy announcement is a once in a lifetime experience, especially for the new parents. Any pregnancy announcement is special though whether it’s your second, third, or so forth. If you’re browsing for unique ideas to announce your pregnancy, continue reading.

100+ Best Pregnancy Announcements Sayings, Quotes, Captions, and Messages

Pregnancy Announcement Wording Ideas For Your New Baby

When should you announce your pregnancy?

If you are too excited and cannot hold your joy to let everyone know that a baby is coming, then you are an early bird announcer. Some families choose to announce at 12 weeks, since that marks the end of the first trimester and most expectant mothers will have had their first ultrasound.

Many parents choose to announce at the start of the second trimester of pregnancy. The reason that at this stage, the possibility of miscarriage is dropping. Morning sickness and exhaustion are gone. If the parents have had a 20-week ultrasound or perhaps a gender scan, then they would likely want to include the gender reveal of the baby as well.

The third group is the so-called “late announcers.” There are different feelings upon knowing about the pregnancy. Some mothers or fathers are not yet unsure of their feelings about becoming a parent. Often, it takes time to absorb the new norm. Late announcers are likely to give chances of adjusting themselves. Although there some parents that do not want to pressure themselves and stay calm.

Best Pregnancy Announcements, Quotes, and Sayings

  • Our family is growing by two feet.
  • I quit drinking… JK I’m pregnant!
  • Baby (Insert Last Name), coming this (Insert Month)
  • Pregnant AF
  • I feel excited and feeling in love with someone that I haven’t met yet.
  • Sweet pea is now making us a family of three.
  • There’s a bun in the oven…
  • I want to announce that this is not a pure FAT… It’s a baby!
  • The essence of a woman is to give birth and have a child.
  • I already bonded with this sweet soul that I haven’t met yet
  • We rest while we can, the time will come where we will be missing a lot of sleep.
  • Bump it up! We’re expecting!
  • The backseat just got a little more sweet
  • The day we waited for is finally here.
  • A new adventure begins…

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Pregnancy Announcement ideas

Pregnancy Wording Announcements By Season Or Holiday

If you’re looking for holiday or season-specific pregnancy announcements, check out the ideas below.

Fall/Autumn Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Fall is in the air and we have news to share
  • Get ready to “fall” in love with baby (Insert Last Name)
  • Leaves are changing and so is my bump!
  • A little pumpkin is on the way!
  • We’re adding a little pumpkin to our patch!
  • Not smuggling a pumpkin this Autumn!
  • Pumpkin spice and everything nice! Baby (Insert Last Name) Due (Insert Year)

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • A Little Boo is Due!
  • Something spooky is brewing…
  • Scariest Halloween Ever!
  • Winnie, I smell a child…
  • Trick or treat, our family is growing by two feet
  • Going batty for our new baby!

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • One more reason to be thankful this year
  • Pass the gravy, we’re having a baby!
  • We’re extra thankful this Thanksgiving
  • Gobblin’ because I’m already wobblin’
  • Our little turkey is on the way
  • Grateful for Baby (Insert Last Year) Due This Thanksgiving

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • The best gift of all is arriving this Christmas!
  • Bumpin’ around the Christmas Tree
  • Santa is making a special delivery around Christmas time!
  • Baby (Insert Last Name) will be home for Christmas!
  • Santa isn’t the only one coming to town!
  • The more the merrier, and we’ll be extra merry!
  • No more silent nights for us!
  • One more reason to be merry!
  • Add another gift to the tree, new baby makes three!

Winter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • A little snowflake is on the way!
  • Ice, Ice, Baby!
  • Let it snow, while our family grows!
  • Baby is coming
  • New Year, New Adventures!
  • Poppin’ bottles of a different kind this year

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Pregnancy wording ideas

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Love is in the air, and we have new to share.
  • Our little valentine is on its way.
  • Adding a little more love this year with baby (Insert Last Name)
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, This February, Baby (Insert Last Name) is due.
  • Our little love bug is on its way.
  • Not all valentines are delivered in February, Baby (Insert Last Name) arriving February  (Year)
  • Roses are red, love is sweet, our family is growing by 1 heart and 2 feet
  • Expecting a new sweetheart this year…

St Patrick’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Our little shamrock is on the way
  • O’ Baby, We got lucky this year!
  • Our lucky charm is arriving (Insert Year)
  • Call us extra lucky!
  • What could be better than a pot of gold? A new baby to have and hold!
  • Let the shenanigans begin!
  • We’re expecting a wee little one!
  • We found a little pot of gold!
  • We’re lucky to say a little rainbow is on the way!

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Egg-cited to say, we’re pregnant!
  • Somebunny on the way!
  • Hold on to your peeps for Baby (Insert Last Name)
  • We’re Egg-specting This Spring!
  • Hip, hip hooray! Something sweet is on the way
  • A new little bunny is on the way!
  • Egg-specting more Easter blessings this year!

4th of July/Independence Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Red, White, and Due!
  • Our little firecracker is on the way
  • Baby, You’re a firework!!
  • Patriotic and pregnant!

Summer Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  • Sun’s out, Bump’s out.
  • Summertime and the living’s easy, new baby makes three!
  • I didn’t steal a watermelon
  • Summer is in the air, and we have news to share!
  • Making a splash this summer, Baby (Insert Last Name)
  • The weather is hot, and so is this hot mama!


Pregnancy announcement wording

Pregnancy Announcements To Parents

  • Announcement! The best parents are now promoted to Grandparents! Yay!
  • If you think a nap a lot, see my grandpa.
  • If my dad knows a lot, my grandpa knows everything.
  • Post in your parent’s Social media account: #grantparentstobe #smile #thankyou
  • (Send a link to your parent)How to Baby Sit.
  • Congratulations Dad! Mom! You are now promoted… Grandpa and Grandma
  • Now we are coming into the stage of being like you guys. We are going to have a baby.
  • We are excited to have a baby soon! We want to raise them as you do.
  • Please be healthy as you will be babysitting soon, dad!
  • Be excited, Dad and Mom! Someone will be added to our family soon.

Pregnancy Announcements For Grandparents

  • You guys will look greater for becoming grandparents
  • Hmm… what about babysitting for the next months?
  • Please don’t feel old, have fun babysitting soon
  • A root of the family tree will soon be coming out.
  • The bloodline will continue to flow. A new baby will be coming soon.
  • Your leadership over this family become more significant and more reliable with the coming of your new great-grandson/daughter
  • My daughter/son is excited and wiggles to meet the great grandparents.
  • This great family continuous bloom with happiness with your great grandbaby
  • I can’t imagine the blessing as you lead this family. I am glad our baby is part of the line.
  • We are proud that our son/daughter will be meeting the most excellent great grandparents soon

Pregnancy announcement quotes

Pregnancy Announcements To Coworkers

  • Oh my! It got real!
  • Looks like you’re have to fill in for me next (Insert month)
  • I have an announcement, and I got a superpower to grow a human!
  • Guys, finally, you can stop asking me if we’re going to have a baby.
  • My sick days were for a good reason.
  • Hello, maternity leave!
  • A new member will be coming to the (Insert Business Name) family!
  • Hi everyone! I’m pregnant.
  • Finally! A new tax deduction for this year
  • Thank you for being as excited as us for this baby
  • We ask for your prayers to keep me healthy and safe always for this baby.
  • You will soon meet our precious one.
  • See you all after (due date here)
  • God knew that our hearts are saying we need this baby to make us happy.

Pregnancy Announcements To Husband

  • Adding a new branch to the family tree. I’m pregnant!
  • Who’s your daddy?! -says our new baby
  • Looking forward to your dad bod.
  • Expect a new member of the family, my love.
  • Be with me in the next incredible nine months. Let us enjoy this together.
  • Honey, my clothes are getting tighter. It’s not fat. It’s the baby growing inside.
  • Honey, I’m going to be a mother soon. Brace yourself
  • The best gift I can give you, my dear husband, is a new baby.
  • Prepare yourself, and we have another one sleeping in between us soon.
  • My dear, the counting begins now. Be ready with the sleepless nights.
  • I don’t have the perfect words to express my joy when knowing that we are expecting a baby.
  • Let us share this happiness.


Pregnancy caption ideas

Pregnancy Announcement Captions For Social Media

  • Newest #teammember is coming soon
  • Here we grow again! #unexpectedGift
  • Excited for the mom life
  • Plot Twist. New baby.
  • I. Declare. Pregnancy!
  • #babybump soon, #GodisGood, #NineMonthsToWait
  • Super excited to buy new baby toys and stuff
  • Take a peek of the first picture. Smile Baby!
  • Sorry for keeping myself so quiet, we have a little secret..
  • Hello friends, I cant wait to announce that a baby is coming soon.
  • I am asking for your prayers. Thank you for the support
  • We are happy to share with our family and friends the blessing that just got into our home
  • … a new baby is coming…
  • So excited to rock this bump

Pregnancy Announcements For The Second Child

  • One more to adore!
  • The more, the merrier!
  • Here we grow again!
  • Some things are worth the wait! Another blessing is coming
  • Thank you for all the prayers… We did it again!
  • Baby # 2 is due!
  • We can’t wait to see you. Praise God for the blessing.
  • Baby is coming on the way! ETA February 2021
  • Oops, we did it again!
  • Big sister/brother is coming!
  • More sleepless nights is coming! But we are excited about it.
  • We waited every month with the hope that we can give our daughter/son a sibling. Finally! God answered our prayers.
  • Our son is practicing now how to communicate with his brother, who is coming soon.
  • Don’t mess with my little brother (Instagram post)
  • Every superhero needs a sidekick (Instagram post)

Pregnancy Announcements For Twins

  • It’s now double trouble
  • Twice the love and twice the joy
  • One plus two equals three
  • We made a wish and God granted more than we asked
  • Two for One special!
  • Make it a double!
  • We’ll have two of everything, thanks!
  • Copy, Paste.
  • God makes twins because when he creates a face he likes, he doubles it
  • God is great because he makes miracles in pairs
  • We are now practicing now how to get organized
  • Soon we will have two unique souls
  • Thank you for sharing the joy with our coming twin babies and us

There is nothing more exciting than new baby to add to a family. It’s so exciting for couples to know that they are expecting, and the other joy would be sharing the news with loved ones. 



Best Pregnancy Announcement Wording Ideas For Your New Baby