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Pecking around for the perfect bird pun? Here are a list of emu-sing bird puns that will quack you up!

Birds are amazing creatures. They can make great pets or you can marvel them flying in the sky. They come on so many colors, shapes, and sizes from all over the world.

With so many types of birds, it’s hard to choose a favorite. Since there’s a large variety of birds, there’s a large variety of puns about birds. Whether you’re a bird lover, a bird watcher, or just a fan of birds, there’s sure to be the right pun for you.

You don’t need to wing it anymore, below are some funny bird jokes and clever bird puns to share. Scroll further for some clever bird pun names.

Here are 50+ Owlsome Bird Puns To Emu-se Your Friends

Owlsome Bird Puns To Emu-se Your Friends
Talk birdy to me
Happy bird-day to you!
Bird on the street is you like bird puns
I bird(heard) you the first time
You have to learn the bird-nacular
Bird puns fly right over my head

Toucan play at the game
Toucan do it!
Toucan’t touch this
Here’s a toucan of my appreciation

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What the duck?
Bird puns are ducking awesome
A duck’s favorite part of the 4th of July is the firequackers
Alright, enough with the wise quacks
Get off the drucks you quackhead
He’s gone quackers

You’re a chirp off the old block

This is hawkward

I’ve over quail-ified for this job

No egrets

That bird convict will definitely serve pigeon (prison) time.

He is im-peck-ablely (impeccably) dressed

Fowl on the play!
I suspect fowl play

It’s cocktiel hour

I think you’re dove-ly

I speak portugeese

Owlsome Bird Puns To Emu-se Your Friends #birdpuns #birdjokes #puns #jokes #ilovebirds
Where does bird royalty live? Duckingham Palace

If you need more money, invest in the stork market

You’re a stud puffin
Happy birthday, mother puffer!

Hi Tweetie Pie
You’re so tweet
Season’s Tweetings
Hello, Nice to tweet you

You are so emu-sing
I’m feeling emu-tional

What the flock?
Flock off

He beaked in high school
Here’s another bird pun for you beak-ause you’re awesome!

Owlsome Bird Puns To Emu-se Your Friends

Like feather, like son
You can learn to do this too, feather (further) down the road

Caw me on my cell phone
I got you this birthday caw-d
This present caw-st a fortune

A-parrot-ly, it’s your birthday!
If you’re going skydiving, you’ll need a sparrowchute
You pelican, not pelican’t

Want a drink, head to the crow bar
Crow away and leave me alone
Crowing, crowing, gone!

A bird’s best subject? Owlgebra
You are owlsome
Owl by myself
Owl always love you!
Owl you need is love
I’m hooting for ya!
Hoo cares?

If you like it then you need to put a wing on it
I’ve been put through the wing-er
Wing around the rosie

Let’s flamingle
Have a flamingood birthday!

Owlsome Bird Puns To Emu-se Your Friends #birdpuns #birdjokes #puns #jokes #ilovebirds

Bird Pun Names

Is there a new pet bird in your family? Name it something unique by using a clever bird pun name. Here are some ideas below for inspiration.

Ace Hentura

Albatross Geller

Albatross Perot

Albert Ross

Arianna Puffington

Baquack Obama

Bluejay Edgar Hoover

Buzzard Aldrin

Chandler Wing

Chick Jagger

Colin Fowl

Crow DiMaggio

Crowy Deschanel

Dame Judi Finch

Drew Canary

Duck Norris (Squawker Texas Ranger)

Duck Vadar

Duckleberry Finn

Dwayne, The Flock, Johnson

Owlsome Bird Puns To Emu-se Your Friends #birdpuns #birdjokes #puns #jokes #ilovebirds

Edgar Allan Crow

Feather Graham

Finchton Churchill

Flaptain Morgan

Flight Schrute

Flight D. Eisenhower

George Hoo-ney

Goose Springsteen

Heather Flocklear

Henona Ryder

Henzel Washington

Hillary Puff

Jimmy Talon

Johnny Cage

Julia Louis-Flyfus

Owlsome Bird Puns To Emu-se Your Friends #birdpuns #birdjokes #puns #jokes #ilovebirds

Kanye Nest

Katey Seagull

Lark Ruffalo

Lark Wahlberg

Lord of the Wings

Mark Duckerberg

Marty McFly

Meryl Cheep

Monicaw Gellar

Parrot Hilton

Owlsome Bird Puns To Emu-se Your Friends #birdpuns #birdjokes #puns #jokes #ilovebirds

Ryan Gosling

Quack Morris

Quackness Everdean

Quill Smith

Quillery Clinton

Robird DeNiro

Steven Seagull

Stephen Squawking

Swan Weasley

The Godfeather


Owlsome Bird Puns To Emu-se Your Friends #birdpuns #birdjokes #puns #jokes #ilovebirds

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