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Looking for a fruit pun to laugh (or groan) at? Check out this collection of cherry funny jokes about fruit puns.

If you’re in the market for fruit pick up lines or trying to pick out the funniest fruit joke in the bunch, there’s sure to be the right pun for you. From berries, to melons, to tropical fruit, find the right clever pun below for your text message, Instagram caption, or just to make you giggle.

50+ Berry Funny Fruit Puns And Jokes To Make You Smile

Berry Funny Puns about Fruit
Will you be my Valen-lime?
I don’t know our relationship status is, there’s too many blurred limes
Lime yours
Hold this until lime ready
You are sublime

Orange you glad to see me?
Plans are set, I’ve oranged everything
You are definitely an orange-inal!

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You kiwi-ing me
You hold the kiwi to my heart
Our love will kiwi us through

I love you berry much
It happened right before my berry eyes
Respect your elder-berries

Berry Funny Puns about Fruit #fruitpuns #puns #punny #jokes #funnypuns

Eat, drink, and be cherry
You are cherry sweet
My lady, your cherry-ot awaits
Cherry on, my wayward son
I love, mon cherry

We make a perfect pear
We are a pear-fect couple
Don’t give into pear pressure
I’ll be pear in spirit
Grow a pear
Neither here, nor pear.

Berry Funny Puns about Fruit #fruitpuns #puns #punny #jokes #funnypuns

Honeydew you know how much I love you?
Nice melons
You’re one in a melon
I’m feeling a little melon-choly
You two can get married but you cantaloupe

We were made for peach other
You have a peach of my heart
I ap-peach-iate your hard work
Practice what you peach

Berry Funny Puns about Fruit #fruitpuns #puns #punny #jokes #funnypuns


I find you very a-peel-ing
I think I’m sick, I’m not peeling well

You are plum-believable!
The sink is broken, call the plum-ber
First place, You are number “plum!”
It’s just plum crazy
I just plum forgot

Berry Funny Puns about Fruit #fruitpuns #puns #punny #jokes #funnypuns

You are the pick of the bunch
Thanks a bunch

You’re my main squeeze
Squeeze the day
Citra ass down
Citris got real

It takes two to mango
If you love him, don’t let that mango!

Berry Funny Puns about Fruit #fruitpuns #puns #punny #jokes #funnypuns


He doesn’t guava clue!
I guava soft spot for fruit puns.
I guava bone to pick with you.

I love you from my head tomato
You’re one fine-apple
I appreciate your work, I don’t take you for pomegranate
You’re so fig-gin amazing!
I love when you call me papaya
Olive you so much
A sleepy fruit is called a nap-ricot
You’ve got a zest for life

You did a grape job raisin me
I’m so grape-ful for you
I’ve gone to grape lengths for you
Grape…just grape!
You’re being un-raisin-able

Berry Funny Puns about Fruit #fruitpuns #puns #punny #jokes #funnypuns