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Hoping to find the best holiday puns for Christmas? Yule laugh at this list of funny Christmas puns that will sleigh you!

Christmas is the magical day of the holiday season. Everywhere you look, you can find some sort of nod to Christmas: Christmas decor, lights, Santa, elves, reindeer, Christmas food, etc. 

This national holiday is also a time for family, friends and gift giving. You can give the gift of laughter by sharing a clever Christmas pun. 

If you want to join in the jolly spirit, try reading a funny Christmas joke or one-liner. Having some holiday cheer will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit.

You can use these holiday one-liners for an Instagram caption or a funny joke to tell around the Christmas tree, perhaps a text message to a loved one or a quip at your next Christmas party. Find the right corny holiday pun or silly Christmas joke below to help celebrate the most pun-derful time of the year. 

150+ Best Christmas Puns That Will Sleigh The Competition

Best Christmas Puns That Will Sleigh The Competition, Presents and lights under Christmas tree

  • “All the jingle ladies, all the jingle ladies.”
  • “Let’s have a jingle ball tonight!”
  • “Resting Grinch face.”
  • “What’s up, my Grinches.”
  • “I’m a gangsta wrappa”
  • “She my wrap queen, let her hit the bando”
  • “But wait—there’s myrrh.”
  • “Shake it like a pole-oriod picture.”
  • “The Christmas alphabet has noel.”
  • “Your presents is requested.”
  • “Yule be sorry.”

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Santa Claus Puns

Celebrate Kris Kringle with a funny pun just about him

  • “A round of Santa-plause.”
  • “Christmas has me feeling extra Santa-mental.”
  • “Claus allll of me… loves all of you”
  • “I’m Claus-trophobic.”
  • “Rebel without a Claus.”
  • “Remember not to leave a fire burning in your fireplace this Christmas Eve, or else you might wake up to a Crisp Kringle.”
  • “Santa Claus’ favorite swimming spot is the North Pool.”
  • “Santa cleans his sleigh with Santa-tizer”
  • “That is termination without Claus”
  • “That look soots you.”
  • “You were heaven-santa”
  • “You’re my soul Santa.”

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Santa Sleigh Puns

Santa’s sleigh holds all the presents. It also makes for great puns.

  • “Can’t afford it? Put it on sleigh-away”
  • “I have the final sleigh.”
  • “Santa can’t take a nonstop, he has to take a sleigh-over”
  • “Sleigh my name, sleigh my name.”
  • “Sleigh queen, sleigh.”
  • “Sleigh all day”
  • “Sleigh anything”
  • “Sleigh it isn’t so”
  • “Sleigh something”
  • “Sleigh what?!”
  • “You’re sleigh-in’ it.”
  • “You sleigh me.”

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Elf Puns

Santa’s little helpers do much of the work during the holiday season. Perhaps these elf puns will give you a giggle.

  • “Believe in your elf.”
  • “Don’t be elfish.”
  • “Don’t get caught elvesdropping on Santa!”
  • “Do you know your elfabet?”
  • “Get the elf out of here”
  • “Have your elf a merry little Christmas.”
  • “He’s an elf-made man.”
  • “I’m elf-taught.”
  • “Let’s get elf-ed up.”
  • “Let’s take an elfie.”
  • “My favorite rock star is Elf-is Presley.”
  • “She has high elf-esteem.”
  • “Treat yo’elf”
  • “When I think about, I touch my elf”

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Reindeer Puns

The workhorses on Christmas Eve night have got to be the reindeer. Share some puns about Santa’s reindeer.

  •  “Deer to dream”
  • “Hold on for deer life.”
  • “Home, home on the rein… where the deer and the antelope play
  • “How rude-olph of you.”
  • “I have no ideer how’s it’s Christmas already”
  • “I love the holiday season deerly”
  • “Make it rein.”
  • “Oh, deer.”
  •  “Oh deer, Christmas is here.”
  • “Say it to me face, I deer you”

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Christmas Tree Puns

Celebrate the centerpiece of the presents and decor with these clever Christmas tree puns

  • “Birch, please.”
  • “Don’t stop be-leaf-ing”
  • “Fir sure.”
  • “Hey Christmas Tree, you got a lot of balls coming in here dressed like that.”
  • “I’ll never fir-get you”
  • “I’m feelin’ pine.”
  • “I’m pine-ing for you.”
  • “It’s lit.”
  • “Just hanging with my ornaments.”
  • “Let’s get lit”
  • “Lighten up, it’s Christmas!”
  • “One, Two, Tree!”
  • “Ornamentary, my dear Wattson.”
  • “The tree and I are getting lit this Christmas.”
  • “Time to spruce things up.”
  • “We have great chemis-tree.”
  • “We’re orna-meant to be”
  • “Un-Fir-gettable, that’s what you are”
  • “You have to branch out”
  • “Your decorations look treemendous.”

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Cat Christmas Puns

Cat lovers will love these meowy Christmas puns.

  • “All I want for Christmas is mew.”
  • “Catty Canes.”
  • “Eat, drink, and be meowy”
  • “Fleas Navidad!”
  • “Have a meowy Christmas.”
  • “Here comes Santa Claws, here comes Santa Claws…” 
  • “Hope you have a Purr-fect Holiday season!”
  • “May your days be meowy and bright.”
  • “Merry catmas!

Best Christmas Puns That Will Sleigh You, Holiday Jokes and One Liners, Cat joke #christmas #christmasjokes #christmaspuns #holidayjokes #holidaypuns #cats

Dog Christmas Puns

Dog owners will smile at these canine Christmas puns.

  • “Bah Humpug”
  • “Feliz navi-dog!”
  • “Fleas Navidad!”
  • Here comes Santa Paws!
  • “Meowy Christmas and happy howlidays.”
  • “Someone’s barking up the wrong Christmas tree.”
  • “Look out for Santa Paws!”
  • “Deck the Halls with Bows on Collies.”
  • “Bah-Hum-Pug.”
  • “We woof you a Merry Christmas”

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Animal Christmas Puns

Chuckle at these animal Christmas puns to make you smile.

  • “All I want for Christmas is ewe.”
  • “Baby it’s cold outside, Alpaca my sweater”
  • “Dachshund through the snow.”
  • “Fa La La La La, La La Llama.”
  • “Fleece Navidad”
  • “Hairy Christmas!”
  • “Hap-Bee Holidays.”
  • “Have a bear-y Christmas”
  • “Have a Christmas like no otter.”
  • “Hoppy Holidays, all!”
  • “Kiss under the mistletoad”
  • “Koala-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la”
  • “I love bear-ing gifts”
  • “It’s penguining to look a lot like Christmas.”
  • “Merry Christmoose”
  • “Merry Christmouse.”
  • “Owl be home for Christmas.”
  • “Sending Christmas Fishes”
  • “Thanks for bearing with me this holiday season.”
  • “We fish you a merry Christmas.”
  • “Whale you kiss me under the mistletoe?”
  • “Wishin you a dyno-mite Christmas and a roarin’ new year!”

Best Christmas Puns That Will Sleigh You, Holiday Jokes and One Liners #christmas #christmasjokes #christmaspuns #holidayjokes #holidaypuns
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Mistletoe Christmas Puns

Meet under the mistletoe with a pucker… and a pun!

  • “A mistle-toast to the holiday season”
  • “Here’s a mistletoe-ken of my appreciation.”
  • “I love you from head to mistletoe”
  • “I mistle-totally love you
  • “Mistletoe the line”
  • “Not having anyone to kiss during the holidays has taken a mistletoe-ll on me.
  • “For the perfect Christmas kiss, you need tic-tac-mistletoe
  • “What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe.”
  • What is a  Jedi’s favorite part of Christmas? Mistletoe-be Wan Kenobi

Best Christmas Puns That Will Sleigh You, Holiday Jokes and One Liners, Mistletoe joke #christmas #christmasjokes #christmaspuns #holidayjokes #holidaypuns #mistletoe
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Food Christmas Puns

Enjoy holiday sweets and treats with these funny food Christmas puns

  • “Cheeses is the reason for the season”
  • “Guacin around the Christmas tree”
  • “Hap-pea holidays!”
  • “Have a dill-lightful holiday”
  • “I’m so egg-cited for the holidays”
  • “It’s Christmas Thyme!”
  • “Let’s taco about Christmas”
  • “Merry Christ-mash”
  • “So be good for goodness steak”
  • “Stay warm and toast-y this Christmas”
  • “Tis the seasoning’
  • “‘Tis the season to be jelly.”
  • “We whisk you a merry Christmas.”

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Alcohol Christmas Puns For Adults

Grown-ups can get into the holiday spirits with these funny Christmas Puns

  • “All I want for Christmas is booze”
  • “Gin-gle bells”
  • “Have yourself a bloody mary Christmas”
  • “Hoppy Holidays”
  • “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and a bubbly new year!”
  • “It’s the most wine-derful time of the year.”
  • “It’s the most wonderful time for a beer.”
  • “Jingle bells, Zinfandel, need more cabernet”
  • “Let’s get blitzened!”
  • “Merry Getsmashed!”
  • “Prosecc-Ho-ho-ho!”
  • “Raise your holiday spirits!”

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Christmas Carol Puns

Parody a famous Christmas carol with the puns below.

  • “Fa La La La La, La La Las Vegas.”
  • “Fa La La La La, La La Los Angeles.”
  • “It’s the most Pun-derful time of the year”.
  • “Jingle smells, jingle smells”
  • “Joy to the Girls”
  • “Oh, Christmas tea. Oh, Christmas tea.”
  • “Oh Christmas treat. Oh Christmas treat”
  • “Police Navidad”
  • “Slay belles ring… are you listening?

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Captions

Perhaps not a pun, but celebrate your ugly sweater in style with these captions.

  • “Cute fades but an ugly sweater is eternal.”
  • “Don we now our ugly sweaters.”
  • “Ugly sweater too ugly? Don’t sweat it”
  • “Eat, drink, and be tacky.” 
  • “Life is sweeter with a sweater
  • “Sweater or not you like it, I’m wearing it.”
  • “Sweater weather is better weather.” 
  • “Sweaters are just blankets you can wear at work.”
  • There’s nothing sweeter than an ugly sweater.”
  • “When in doubt, wear an ugly sweater.”

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What funny punny Christmas pun gave you the giggles for the holiday season?


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