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Say Happy Birthday Colleague! Send the best birthday wishes for coworkers with these thoughtful, funny, and happy birthday messages to the people you work with.

Celebrating coworker’s birthday is exciting and fun. It is the best way to motivate your coworker to become better or continue the best performance done in the workplace. It builds morale and lifts their spirits when they know someone is thinking about them on their birthday.

One of the momentous events is the giving of birthday wishes. You can send colleague birthday messages in a card, in an email message, or a text message. You can also just say them in person.

Below are the top choices of birthday wishes and birthday messages to your coworker.

Happy Birthday Colleague! Best Birthday Wishes For Coworkers

birthday wishes for coworker

What to write in a colleague’s birthday card?

Birthday cards may sound an old-fashioned compared to using digital platforms. But do you know that birthday cards can last longer? No one displays an email message on their desk.

Sending a birthday message to the birthday colleague through Facebook or email can be fast and easy. However, it can quickly be gone as well.

With a birthday card, the celebrant can keep that like in a box. After several years, when your coworker will happen to see the birthday card you give, your colleague will surely remember the good days with you.

When writing a coworker’s birthday card, you need to consider the following:

  • Heartily express that you wish them well for the coming year
  • Share what you love and appreciate to the celebrant
  • Get the chance to look back on the best events that happen to your colleague’s life—Express celebration on the birthday card. For example, promotion, wedding, and work anniversary.

What are ideas to celebrate a coworker’s birthday?

Planning to surprise your colleague’s birthday is exciting. Here are the best ideas to celebrate:

  • Decorate your colleague’s desk with cards, balloons, and other colorful stuff.
  • Create a customized video. It can be a video of all the closest people saying their birthday wishes or a dance craze that will make the celebrant laugh
  • You can make it personal. It can be done by public announcement and ask some people to say their own wishes. Or it can be a luncheon or dinner out.
  • Give the celebrant a one-of-a-kind birthday cake that’s special to them
  • Get the office leaders involved

office birthday party

Best coworker birthday wishes and messages

  • Best birthday wishes for the best coworker!
  • Hope you have a fantastic day, happy birthday!
  • Celebrating your birthday at the office can be fun with awesome people like you! Happy Birthday!
  • Hope your day is as wonderful as you are, happy birthday!
  • The Best colleagues deserve the best birthday celebrations!
  • Have an awesome day on your birthday, coworker!
  • Have a wonderful birthday! See you around the office!
  • Work would not be the same without you. Happy Birthday!
  • You make the work day fly by! Have a great birthday!
  • Another candle for you, my coworker, have a great birthday!
  • Yay! You gave us a reason to have cake at work. Happy Birthday!
  • Enjoy your cake, now get back to work! Happy Birthday!
  • Another year older, and you’re still here?! Glad to have you, happy birthday!
  • Your birthday is a great excuse for an office party! thanks and happy birthday!
  • Have a fabulous birthday, my work bestie!

birthday card for coworker

  • Enjoy this day (even though you don’t have the day off). Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to my work buddy! You deserve the very best!
  • Sending special birthday wishes to a special coworker.
  • Thanks for being born, because we can now take a break from work to celebrate today.
  • We’re going to party like it’s your birthday! Because it is! Happy Birthday!
  • Office party time! Happy Birthday!
  • You work hard, you should party hard. Happy Birthday, my colleague!
  • A great employee deserves a great birthday! Happy Birthday!
  • Hope all of your birthday wishes come true!
  • Make a wish and celebrate today! Happy birthday coworker!
  • Another candle for the cake and you still don’t any older. Lucky you. Happy birthday!
  • The workplace needs your energy and hard work. On your birthday, hopefully we can show you how thankful we are to have you.
  • My coworker and friend, have an amazing birthday today!
  • Wishing you all the best all your special day!
  • Celebrate big today, coworker!
  • Sending lots of birthday wishes your way!

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birthday wishes for colleague

Funny coworker birthday messages and wishes

  • There is always a limit to my budget when it comes to birthday gifts. Enjoy your gift!
  • Remember, you are not getting old. You are a pure classic. Happy birthday, my coworker.
  • You’re one step closer to your balls, stirring the toilet. Happy Birthday!
  • May your Facebook filled with birthday wishes!
  • You are really fantastic! That’s not fake news. Happy birthday!
  • Don’t worry about getting older, you can still do dumb stuff. Only a bit slower.
  • If you were Jesus, we would be glad because today is Christmas day.
  • Smart, good looking, and funny. Happy birthday dude!
  • Happy birthday to the most difficult person to find! You are one of a kind.
  • The study shows that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer!
  • Congratulations! You’re getting the high numbers. Happy Birthday
  • That’s okay! Slowly but surely. You will soon get to retirement age.
  • Congratulations! One step closer to retirement. Happy birthday, coworker!
  • Well done! You are still alive! Happy birthday.
  • I’m always glad that you are still older than me. Happy birthday
  • Don’t worry, growing old is mandatory. Happy birthday
  • Today, if you look back all the years, you realize you need the Hubble telescope. Happy birthday

birthday for coworker

  • So far, this has been your oldest age! Congratulations and happy birthday
  • No escape, it’s really your birthday.
  • Accept the fact, it is no longer acceptable for you to eat a happy meal in the street. Happy birthday
  • Don’t worry, the alcohol will later help you forget your age. Happy birthday
  • When someone in this office calls you old man, hit them with your cane. Happy birthday
  • Congratulations! You just saved money for the candles for your cake. You just need TWO to blow. Happy birthday
  • Promise! I will stop making jokes on your birthday. It seems that they’re not as funny anymore.
  • That age is just a number. The problem is, yours is just too HIGH. Happy birthday
  • Just be thankful that your birthday cake is getting bigger and bigger each year to fit all those candles. Happy birthday
  • The management wants to inform you that your childhood has already expired.
  • You are now old enough to benefit the TWO-pack candle. Happy birthday
  • The office has given you the benefit of having a bigger cake and more candles to blow. Happy birthday!
  • Be happy that you are not as old as next year. Happy birthday!
  • It is your birthday. – Dwight Schrute – (Your name)

birthday message for coworker

Heartfelt coworker birthday messages and wishes

  • I am honored to have worked with you. Enjoy the most special day of the year!
  • You are part of the rapid growth of this company. Happy birthday to one of the fantastic coworkers
  • We have been working together for years, but let me tell you that every day is a moment. Happy birthday!
  • Congratulations on your recent promotion, you deserve a great birthday gift for the year.
  • Hard work pays! Congratulations, and happy birthday!
  • Being a father/mother and a trusted office worker is fantastic! Congratulations on your first baby, it’s the best birthday gift
  • You work hard every day, you deserve the compliment on your special day. Happy birthday
  • Thank you for your significant contribution. As we celebrate your birthday, we want to let you know we appreciate your presence and being part of the team. Happy Birthday
  • You are the one of the kind of person I like because you never take anything for glory. I appreciate your humility. I am proud to be your coworker. Happy birthday
  • Thank you for giving me the pleasure to talk with you every day. You helped me out in my work. Happy birthday
  • I have not yet uttered my gratitude for covering me up when I had trouble with the project. You are an excellent coworker!. Happy birthday!
  • I will always treasure the days that you never get tired of helping me and other colleagues to get the job done. You are a good Samaritan. Happy birthday.
  • Your admirable personality makes our sales go up. Happy birthday. You keep the company growing. Speaking of growing, happy birthday dear friend.
  • You deserve the highest praise for the accomplishments you made. Thank you. Happy birthday
  • I admire that you never prefer to pick tasks. You take every challenge and make significant accomplishments. Happy birthday, colleague.
  • You never fail to liven up my day. Your work attitude is a positive vibe. Happy birthday coworker!
  • You are the best coworker I ever have. You make me feel comfortable to come to work every day. Happy birthday.
  • Birthday messages are an understatement to praise you for the excellent work and contribution to the team.
  • We appreciate your great attitude and positive outlook. We achieve success because of your excellent leadership. Happy birthday

birthday for coworker

  • Hard work and diligence are your working capital. Congratulations for the achievement. Happy birthday
  • No matter what happens, we are here to support you. Happy birthday
  • There may be several ups and downs in our business, we assure you that we will never leave you. Happy birthday
  • Despite the crisis you are facing, always look up and see how sovereign God is. Happy birthday
  • There is no perfect workplace. There is no excellent job. But one thing, you will always have great friends and colleagues that will always be your help in times of trouble. Happy birthday.
  • May our birthday wishes will give you the utmost motivation. Happy birthday.
  • At work, there are ups and downs. On your special day, forget all the problems but count the blessings. Happy birthday, coworker.
  • I never hear you complain. You do all tasks with all commitments. You are such a good model. Happy birthday.
  • I admire your outlook that money is not your motivation for hard work. Happy birthday, colleague.
  • We are delighted to have a coworker like you. You deserve the appreciation of all the hard work. Happy Birthday.
  • I never see you complain about work. What I always see is you focused on getting the job done amidst the chaotic situation. You are my role model. Happy birthday.
  • You push yourself to the limit and make the tasks easy for everyone. May the company reward you someday. Happy birthday.
  • When I joined this company as a novice, you are the first person I remember that offered help. Until today, 10 years after, I still treasure that moment. Happy birthday.
  • Without you in the team, everything will be boring. Thank God for sending someone that will always brighten up our day. Happy birthday.
  • I pray that you will soon achieve a higher position in this company. Happy birthday
  • Why I love this day? Because it’s your birthday and work anniversary! Party time again!
  • I better choose to work with a coworker like you than wasting time with friends doing nothing. Thank you for becoming my inspiration. Happy birthday
  • We work together, we giggle together, and we cry together. I found someone in the workplace that is more than a coworker. Happy birthday
  • Thank you for becoming my best friend in this office. Happy birthday
  • You are the best colleague, best leader, and best brother. My birthday wishes to you
  • May your life be filled with joy on this special day. Don’t think of the work problems. Be thankful of the blessings. Happy birthday.